Ready for a visit to Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California? I got together with fellow travel vlogger here on YouTube- Gabriel Traveler and headed out in the California desert to take a day trip from San Diego and examine the whimsical Joshua Trees at Joshua Tree National Park.

“Surreal geologic features add to the wonder of this vast wilderness in Southern California”- NPS

The National Park Service maintains an excellent website full of information about visiting Joshua Tree National Park. It includes maps, histories, geologic resources, visitor tips and more. Joshua Tree is located outside of Palm Springs and is about a 2.5 hour drive from San Diego. The temperatures throughout this week in January were about 45/65. For me, this was far to cold to camp, however I’m already dying to head back out there this spring to make the park my home for another wilderness weekend.

Exploring Joshua Tree for the day was exciting enough, we found it to be the perfect place for yoga practice, and reasons to take lots of other fun photos-  See more on my INSTAGRAM

It’s time to bring some yoga back into the crazy mix that is my traveling Instagram account. 🙃 

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Of course, on top of making movies, as YouTubers do. The best part about hanging out with Gabe was being able to film freely and talk extensively about our YouTube channels- everything from strategies and techniques to hopes and dreams. It was very inspirational and definitely motivated me to make 2016 a year to collaborate with as many travel vloggers as possible. Are you a travel vlogger, YouTuber, or filmmaker? Reach out to me and tell me about your life!

And finally, enjoy our Joshua Tree videos including several sites such as The Cholla Cactus Gardens, Ryan Mountain, Live Oak, Skull Rock and more. We encounter plenty of danger between climbing the super sized rocks, getting up close with the jumping cacti, and even spotting a wild coyote at the campground.



I didn’t realize exactly how menacing Skull Rock could be until I saw this photo later.. SPOOOOOKY!

Skull Rock Joshua Tree National Park

Check out Gabriel’s Joshua Tree Video too!


Joshua Tree was an outstanding experience and easily one of the best National Parks in California. Subscribe and stay tuned for more videos with Gabriel full of world travel tips for backpacking, travel planning, and making travel videos.

If you’re curious about the CAMERA I used to film my video (pictured in Gabe’s thumbnail) you can learn all about it right HERE. And then you can buy it, because it’s amazing!

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