Let’s check out the iconic Island of Capri in southern Italy! Off the coast of the Campania region, Capri is an island of tourism, recreation, and pleasure. First ruled by the Emperor Augustus and later his successor Tiberius, Capri has been a setting for fun and relaxation for thousands of years. The island is about an hour trip by boat from the gulf of Naples and is accessible by ferry or hydrofoil.  We take a taxi around the island to check out panoramic views, famous million dollar homes, luxury shops, and the relaxing and tranquil Gardens of Augustus.

Capri was as fabulous as expected.  Like an Italian South Beach, Miami.. except on hills… and in Italy of course.

Our day was a bit toward the off-season and I can only begin to imagine what it’s like there when it’s super sunny. It must be so hot and fabulous, like Vegas, only Miami.. only Capri.

I would elect to spend an entire summer in Capri, but I can image one could spend a LOT of money there in only 24 hours. Multiply “a lot” by “whole summer” and you get… ew math.

Nonetheless, I recommend a shorter, yet luxurious stay on the island of Capri. This is necessary to fully connect and feel the culture of the island. Remember, the island’s history itself is rooted in the concept of luxury. #Tiberious

This hotel seems most appropriate for any traveler

Caesar Augustus Relais Chateaux Hotel Anacapri

These look like fun too

Italian Posh!
Hotel A Pazziella

Marble staircase and stunning architecture
Villa San Felice

For a more sophisticated crowd
Hotel La Residenza

Traveling to Capri

I mention in the video that you can travel to Capri via ferry or hydrofoil, and leave any port in southern Italy including Naples and Sorrento and occasionally, in the summer, Positano Salerno and Ischia. This graphic might explain everything.

How to get to Capri

How to get to Capri

Additionally, is an excellent resource to help you figure out your own journey to Capri Italy. It includes timetables of the hydrofoil and ferry, as well as details on how to travel around once you get to Capri, including bus, taxi and Funicular options.

I cannot end this blog post without mentioning one thing that must NOT be missed.

Because sadly, I missed it 🙁

The Blue Grotto.

It’s a magical sea cave that emits a constant blue light. Something to do with science.

You can take a tour into the cave on a small boat, and in good weather, you can swim.

Legend has it that Tiberius turned the Blue Grotto into a marine nymphaeum, which is basically an area dedicated to local marine nymphs.

Google it and go. It looks super magical.

Blue Grotto, Capri Italy

Blue Grotto, Capri Italy







Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, Alicia here and this is AMaeTV

Now, you are about to come with me on a fabulous journey to the Island of Capri, Italy, which is conveniently located right over there.

Some of Capri’s best known inhabitants were the Emperor Augustus, as well as his successor Tiberius. Both of whom turned the island into their own personal kingdoms of pleasure.

Now fast forward to the nineteen fifties when the Island of Capri became an iconic center for high society gatherings of artists, writers, and even movie stars. And in case you were wondering, yes the famous capri pants were named
after this island. They say grace kelly was the first among the movie stars to wear them on the island. Well, wiki says.

We’re gonna start out by heading right down there to the port of Naples, where we’ll take a jet ferry over to the Island of Capri. Here’s our boat to take us to Capri.

The taxis here are cute. So we’re cruising around in a custom Fiat. We’ve come up the hill to the town of Capri.


Now we’re going to the Marina Piccola, we came from the Marina Grande

We’re here on the south side of Capri and behind me are the famous Faraglioni Rocks, known for having their own unique species of blue lizard. A species that doesn’t exist anywhere else. I read that in the book.

So here we have the chateau Farragamo, Salvatore Farragamo

Then there’s this castle above him, which is for sale for about 44 million. If
anyone is interested contact me I know a realtor who can hook you up.

Now transportation on Capri is a must to get up and down the hills. You can take a very nice taxi tour or otherwise just grab one of these busses that run up and down the mountains.

We were lucky to have a very cool cab driver to take us around, he also gave us
directions to the Gardens of Augustus before he dropped us off to check out the town of Capri.

To the main square, take a right all the way down to Via Camerella. Hotel Quisisana, all the way down to the right. It’s about 10 minutes away


Here I am now I’m in town of Capri- lots of little shops, lots of fancy people.

We’re making our way down to the Gardens of Augustus..

So here I am at the beautiful gardens of Augustus.Which the Emperor Augustus created. It’s a short walk down from the main town in Capri, and there’s a beautiful view of Via Krupp and it’s this peaceful, tranquil setting. Definitely worth checking out.

You even have a little bit of tropical wilderness here.

What do you think of Capri? Fantastico

Ok we’re getting on the vernacular. I’m a little scared. It’s gonna go straight down this hill. Straight down.

We’re going back down to the Marina Grande

Well that was a fabulous little journey we had to the Island of Capri

Thank you so much for watching!

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fabulous little adventures I’m filming here in Europe.


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