My Top 10 Things To Do In San Diego video is finally complete!

As you may know, I filmed most of this shortly before leaving California to start a new life with my husband and baby in Florida. It was great to go and do all of these San Diego things one more time before I left!

Join me on my journey around San Diego as I show you the very best things to do including Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo, Coronado Island, Pacific Beach, The USS Midway, San Diego’s Gaslamp quarter, the wild seals at La Jolla Cove, Balboa Park, Old Town and more!

A brief review of the video and my favorite things to do is outlined below, but as always, you’ll find the real fun is in the video.

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#1. Sunset Cliffs

Sunset Cliffs are a perfect introduction to the natural beauty of San Diego. As our drone footage suggests, the spectacular coastline offers a classic California scene from above.

Sunset Cliffs run along the edge of the Point Loma landmass, and one can easily drive there and park at one of the many public lots available.

sunset cliffs san diego
You can stay up on the cliffs to enjoy beautiful California sunsets, OR you can hike below them to explore even more picturesque beaches, rock structures and hidden caves.

It’s also a very popular spot for flying drones. Although I do believe I was the only pregnant woman catching a drone on the cliffs that day 🙂

#2. Coronado Island

Coronado Island is a short drive over THE most beautiful bridge in San Diego- which alone makes the trip well worth taking.

coronado bridge

Once on Coronado you can see the charming resident homes on the island, shop their variety of boutiques and small businesses, or enjoy the very best views of downtown San Diego. The north end of the island also offers a small port, where you can catch a quick ferry to or from downtown San Diego, if you’d prefer not to drive.

san diego view from coronado

The most popular tourist activity on the island by far, is a visit the historic Hotel Del Coronado. It’s both famous and fantastic offering lots to see and do.

hotel del coronado

The Del- as it’s known.. is a national historic landmark built in1888 and is one of the few beach resorts built in the “Wooden Victorian’ style of American architecture.

Even if you’re not staying at this picturesque hotel, you can browse through it’s beautiful lobby, check out the shops, have brunch on the patio, or just enjoy the beautiful beach surrounding it.

#3. La Jolla Seals

La Jolla is an entire separate area of San Diego to be explored. It offers some great dining and shopping experiences, along coastline as beautiful as anywhere else in southern California.

La Jolla Cove is the heart of the coastline, being well known for these slippery seals.

la jolla seals

You can easily trek down onto the rocky shoreline to see them in their natural habitat.

While the La Jolla seals mostly keep to their own space, it’s important for tourists to understand that their space must be respected in order to keep them safe and healthy.

In La Jolla you can also rent kayaks and venture into various caves along the shore as well as swim, scuba dive and sun yourself just like a seal.

#4. Beach Neighborhoods

It actually drives me crazy when people visit San Diego and never leave downtown. You MUST not only visit the actual beaches, but hang out in the fun beach neighborhoods.

pacific beach

Your options include the young and party friendly Pacific Beach featuring the Crystal Pier hotel- where you can actually sleep over the water- and lots of crazy beach bars where day drinking is definitely a thing.

Surfing is another popular activity, and although the water is cool, the waves are often worth the effort.

pacific beach surfers

The always happening boardwalk connects Pacific Beach to Mission Beach which is slightly more family oriented offering a classic beach vacation.

OR there is Ocean Beach which is by far the most.. eclectic.

ocean beach

This is the sign for Ocean Beach’s elementary school. Can you imagine going to school here!

ocean beach san diego

Besides enjoying the beach itself, in Ocean Beach you can hang out at one of their many beach bars, take a stroll on the pier, shop for unique souvenirs, or people watch at their weekly farmer’s market, which ends up being quite the party.

Here is some more information about San Diego Farmer’s Markets that happen all over town and are AMAZING!

#5. Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter is probably the most popular area for tourists to visit being right downtown and sprawling out from the convention center.

san diego gaslamp quarter

While this historical neighborhood is named for it’s old fashioned gas lamps, the main reason people come here is for the abundance of restaurants, bars, hotels and nightclubs making Gaslamp quarter the centerpiece of San Diego entertainment.

I’ve definitely spent many weekend evenings sampling the selection of food and beverage establishments!

san diego gaslamp quarter

The streets of Gaslamp quarter can offer quite the party on any given night, but when annual events like Comic Con take place, the chaos multiplies dramatically.

Check out this video from the year I went to Comic Con, and was almost consumed by The Predator himself!

#6. San Diego Padres Game

Check out a Padres Game! We’re fortunate to have our baseball stadium right downtown so a game at Petco Park is a great way to kick off a warm summer night.

san diego padres

Weather or not you’re a die hard baseball fan, or you’d just like to take in the sportier side of San Diego, Petco Park is a fun spot to hang out with friends, have some delicious food and beverages, or even shop for Padres gear.

san diego padres

Although I’m not a big sports fan in general, I will say that San Diego has some HUGE Padres Fans showing their team spirit.

#7. Seaport Village & San Diego Waterfront

While we’re still talking downtown you must consider visiting the San Diego waterfront and Seaport Village.

seaport village san diego

The waterfront stretches from the San Diego Convention Center all the way up to Little Italy where you’ll find a cool little waterpark for kids.

A walk along the waterfront is lovely itself and if you don’t feel like walking, there are plenty of fun pedicabs available to give you a ride

The San Diego waterfront is also home of the USS Midway AND this famous statue known as the Unconditional Surrender- which beautifully commemorates the end of World War II

unconditional surrender san diego

You may notice a bit of a Navy Theme in this town.

In the heart of Seaport Village you’ll find some of San Diego’s best seafood restaurants along with an eclectic mix of shops and fascinating street performers- like this famous reiki energy rock balancer.

Seriously, this guy ROCKS!

rock balancer san diego

#8. USS Midway Aircraft Carrier

The USS Midway is a retired aircraft carrier that has now become the most popular naval warship museum in the United States.

The USS Midway served for almost 50 years and is known for several naval aviation breakthroughs.

uss midway

The museum shows off planes aboard the ship, spectacular views from the open deck space, as well as full guided tour of the living and work spaces below deck.

I didn’t go below deck in the video, but having done so before I’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all US Military, especially the Navy sailors who have lived and served aboard a ship like this because it is tight down there.

They also use the Midway as a venue space for events, everything from nighttime parties to early morning yoga gatherings.

Yoga on the USS Midway

Yoga on the USS Midway

Interested in yoga in San Diego? Check out my FAVORITE studio- Yoga One

#9. Old Town

Visit San Diego’s Old Town historic district. It’s the oldest area in San Diego, and was settled by the Spanish in 1769.

Today Old Town is an adorable historic district with an abundance of markets and shops selling handmade goods with an 1800’s vibe.

I LOVE shopping for natural stone jewelry here, as well as other handmade items from Mexico. They also sell adorable embroidered dresses for little girls, and I wish I would have picked one up for my baby to wear once she’s just a bit bigger.

It is also home of The Whaley House, said to be THE most haunted home in America.

whaley house

Old Town is also THE main spot for authentic Southern California Mexican food- with the fish taco as a centerpiece. You can enjoy a fish taco at one of the many authentic, family owned Mexican restaurants here in Old Town San Diego.

san diego fish taco

#10. Balboa Park & San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is not only a world famous home to almost 4,000 animals, it was a pioneer in building cage-less, open air exhibits for them.

You can visit the San Diego Zoo right here in the center of Balboa Park, a 1,200 acre sprawling green space that marks the center of San Diego city.

balboa park

Balboa Park is quite the destination itself being full of museums, theaters, gardens, and tons of gorgeous architecture

Balboa Park mostly features this gorgeous Spanish Colonial architecture that best shows its brilliance during the golden hour of sunset.balboa park san diego
My favorite Balboa Park activity is Sunday morning yoga- a donation group at 11am, or simply watching the airplanes land.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and most importantly, the Top 10 Things To Do In San Diego video here on AMae.TV!

Leave me a comment with your favorite thing to do in San Diego or what you’d most look forward to doing when you visit!

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