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Welcome toThe Netherlands! Or is it, Holland? The common confusion comes from this country being named everything from The Dutch Republic to The Kingdom of Holland over the last 1,000 years.

To further add to the confusion, almost every European I’ve met from this area cited being ‘from Holland’. This is because most of the Netherland’s population resides in the two most populated provinces- North and South Holland.

Here is an excellent video explaining it all- The Difference Between Holland & The Netherlands 

I’m no expert on the Netherlands, but I have been Eindhoven and Amsterdam, twice.

Visiting Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city that makes you feel warm and safe, while surrounding you with only the coolest European art, culture, and good looking tall people.

I think Holland is amazing, and I have many reasons to return.

Holland Tulips

Reason #1 is tulips obviously.


Here are the travel videos I’ve created from Amsterdam!

Amsterdam City / Museum Tour

Amsterdam City is full of amazing museums, over 50 in total! The Amsterdam museum district itself is a lovely sight to see and a fantastic place to hang out on a sunny autumn day. In this ultra chill travel video I revisit my Amsterdam trip from last fall to show you...

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