Finally I put my DJI OSMO to the test- filming at CES 2016 in Las Vegas! Learn with me all about this amazing gimbal camera created by drone company DJI. I show you some shots of the show floor at CES 2016 including some of the wild new technology on display. I also discuss basic functions of the OSMO camera such as the rotating the 3 axis gimbal camera, whether it needs an external microphone, and how it works with the slick carry case.

DJI Osmo Camera

DJI Osmo Camera


This video is part of a series from CES 2016. If you’d like to watch the process from the start of my contest entry video to win the DJI OSMO, you can find it HERE. The exciting video where I pick up my OSMO at CES can be found HERE

Enjoy this travel video of CES 2016 in Las Vegas and stay tuned for several more from my adventures around the world and more DJI OSMO camera footage and reviews coming soon.

WATCH THE VIDEO ▶︎Testing My DJI OSMO At CES 2016 in Las Vegas

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