Let me just say that the Amalfi coast is the place to be during the summer in southern Italy! Join me on an exciting Vespa adventure as we travel Italy all the way from Naples to Sorrento and to the glorious town of Positano..

In 5 fun steps!

Sorrento and Positano are easily two of the best places to visit in Italy. This travel video offers gorgeous views of these two towns and the surrounding Mediterranean, as well as a guideline of 5 steps on how to drive a Vespa from Naples to Positano (roadmap not included).  Enjoy the sights of Sorrento and the picturesque Positano through the lens of my GoPro, and from the back of a classic Italian Vespa, right here on AMaeTV!

WATCH the VIDEO below, or read on for all the Naples and Amalfi Coast travel details..

While the video above shows you all the beautiful action, here is a run down of the 5 steps one must take to travel from Naples to Sorrento, or Naples to Positano via Vespa scooter.

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Step 1: Gather Your Scooter

You can rent a Vespa, scooter, or moto from one of the many car rental agencies in Naples. Riding the scooter from Naples to Sorrento, Italy takes about 2 hours and offers up a lot of excitement along the way.

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If you’re looking to rent a scooter in Naples, here is a link to get you started: Naples Scooter Rentals

Be very cautious when making the decision to rent and ride a scooter in Napoli. Traffic can get very heavy and there is very much a ‘no rules, anything goes’ sort of lawlessness in Naples. It’s a constant swarm of scooters all trying to get ahead of the cars and each other by any means possible- through tunnels and highways and on small streets and sidewalks. Even with the most skilled of drivers (like mine), riding a scooter in Naples can be a TERRIFYING experience.

If I were ever tasked with actually driving one, I would definitely cry.

However, filming from the back of it once you’re out of Naples is fun! Which brings us to..

Step 2: Get Out Of Naples

Getting out of Naples can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and the process is far more intense than any other portion of the trip from Naples to Positano. Once you reach the highway you will have 3 tolls to pay at .95 euro each. Be sure to have some Euro coins handy if you travel to the Amalfi Coast from Naples via scooter, car, or any means where your hired driver will not be covering to tolls.

Arrivederci! The automated toll voice says, in a semi- friendly voice as the rickety toll arm lifts.

Naples Tolls

Step 3: Get On The Road To The Amalfi Coast

Once your highway miles are complete you will come to a few forks on the road guiding you to different parts of Sorrento. You can head into this large and lovely Amalfi Coast town or stay on the road and journey onto the smaller and more distinct Positano. If you continue even further along you can find the towns of Praiano, Amalfi, and eventually Salerno, Italy.

While driving along the Amalfi coast carries nowhere near the same level of traffic induced intensity that you’ll find in Naples, the roads along the coast are winding and quite scary at times. The oncoming traffic, most notably tour busses, make dodging for your life a constant, exciting challenge for any scooter driver.

However, the ride is still fun because you are going to Positano. As a rider, you won’t even notice the traffic coming at you from around each bend because you’ll be gazing at the beautiful mediterranean.

By the way, if this advice were coming from the guys driving these bikes their opinions would not be nearly the same as mine. They would be like- Scootering is AWESOME- The winding road is SO Fun- Going FAST rules- etc.

So really you should just decide if you are fearless like them, or terrified of road rash, like me. Only then will you know whether renting a scooter to ride from Naples to Positano is right for you!

Amalfi Coast Drive

Step 4: Stop At A Sorrento Lemon Stand

The Amalfi Coast features many Italian ‘limon’ stands offering limoncello, lemonade and various other lemon treats for which Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast in general are known. This particular stand has a giant display of the most Instagrammable lemon you will ever see… but of course, you’ll have to go to my Instagram to see him! (If you find him leave a comment) ???? ????

Sorrento Lemon Stand

These Italian lemon stands are also a great time to stop and stretch your legs, air out your head (from the helmet), and enjoy the mediterranean coastline views. A must-see when you travel Italy!

Sorrento View

Step 5: Arrive in Positano

The best and final step is when you complete the journey from Naples to Positano and arrive in this lovely Italian town. I think Positano is by far one of the best places in to visit in Italy and any traveler who goes there will instantly fall in love. In Positano you can relax by the beach, swim in the amazing waters, rent kayaks and explore sea caves, dine, shop and more. Have you been to the amazing town of Positano? Tell me what you thought of it in the comments below!

PS. I DEFINITELY pronounce it in slightly a different way from earlier (when filmed) to later. Are there any Italians out there who can weigh in on which way is correct?

Positano, Italy

And for more Italy travel information about Sorrento and Positano, see my next blog post > Tips for visiting Sorrento, Positano and the Amalfi Coast: COMING SOON!

As always, thank you for watching and reading AMae.TV. Please leave a comment below or on the YouTube channel to let me know what you think..

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The Amalfi coast is the place to be during the summer in southern Italy. Join me on an exciting Vespa adventure as we travel Italy all the way from Naples to Sorrento and to the town of Positano in 5 fun steps!

Naples to Sorrento & Positano- A Vespa Amalfi Coast Adventure in 5 Fun Steps!

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