Let’s take a quick trip around the 2nd largest city in the entire world, Jakarta, Indonesia. We get a magnificent view from the 56th floor of the SKYE Bar and Restaurant as well as a close up look at Indonesian street life while enduring what Jakarta knows best, traffic. We also check out the beautiful Grand Hyatt Indonesia Hotel and take a walk through their lovely tropical gardens.

Jakarta, Indonesia Video

Jakarta, Indonesia Video

Video Transcript:

Hey everyone welcome to AMaeTV!

I am now here in Indonesia. I am in Jakarta, which is the 3rd largest city (correction 2nd) in the world. I am at the Sky Lounge- 56 floors high overlooking the entire city.

This city is beautiful, it goes on and on. And I don’t even know what’s out there, but I’m gonna get out there and explore as much of Jakarta as I can

Selfie sticks! They’re huge in Asia. Mark my words, they will be the next big thing in America.

So, let me tell you about Jakarta. In Jakarta there’s one major thing that rules the lives of all Indonesians living here- traffic.

Yet they somehow manage to fight their way through the mess every day, and these zippy little street bikes certainly help them get through it.

As tourists, we personally didn’t mind it to too much since it gave us a great peek into the hustle and bustle of Indonesian street life.

Does anybody need a TAKSI?

There’s lots of exotic fruit here. This is the dragon fruit, and this is the dragon fruit!

So, now I’m here at a National Seminar for Cybersecurity
for the Department of Taxation here in Jakarta
I’m actually going to be speaking here about Cybersecurity

It’s my first time actually speaking at a conference
Normally I’m just interviewing the speakers at the conferences. So.. I’ll look forward to it!

This is the amazing Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta. As you can imagine, the landscaping here is amazing. It’s a tropical climate so we’ve got all the good stuff, palm trees, tropical fruit.

You do all these gardens? Oh so beautiful. These are the gardeners, they do all of this. Hey little guy. Whatcha got in there?

Here’s my little breakfast at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta. Some fancy cheese, some exotic fruit, and of course, some café.

How do you like living in Jakarta? I really like living in Jakarta because
I was born here, all my friends are here. Even though traffic jam is really really bad.

Where’s your favorite place to go to in Jakarta?

In Jakarta? I like to drink sometimes, because Jakarta is very very lively at night.

That’s ok I like to drink at night too

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed the Jakarta, Indonesia video. We got on a plane this morning thinking we were going to Malaysia but my boss surprised us at the last minute and it turns out we are going to Bali for the weekend!

So I am super excited, make sure you don’t miss that video, that one will be next. Also definitely subscribe to this YouTube channel, subscribe!

Thanks for watching guys!

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