Come along for more arctic travels as we venture to the Arctic Circle Husky Park in Rovaniemi Finland. Here we meet adorable husky puppies along with the big husky dogs who are being trained to work as a sled dog team, pulling happy passengers through the Finland snow. The park is right next to Santa Claus Holiday Village and compliments a perfect day visiting the REAL Santa Claus in Finland.

WATCH THE VIDEO ► Visiting A Husky Sled Dog Park in Lapland Finland

It was autumn in Finland when I was able to visit, so the huskies were not quite yet offering sled runs. However, I still had a wonderful experience visiting their home and learning about their jobs as working dogs.

The park charges a basic entry fee of 5-8 euro depending on the season. Additionally you can book anything from very short sled rides to 2 hour dog sled tours. They even offer night trips to hunt the northern lights, AND summer trips where the dogs pull a carriage rather than a sled. You can find the full price list for husky sled rides here.

Part of what is so excited about being in Rovaniemi, is that it’s the base of Lapland in Finland, and is marked by the crossing point into the arctic circle. If you are doing any traveling in Finland, making it up to this point is an absolute must!

Arctic circle Rovaniemi

Arctic circle Rovaniemi

Whether of not you’re even able to catch a husky snow sled ride or not, it’s totally worth it to visit the Arctic Circle Husky Park. Just look at their little faces!

A little hello from the Arctic husky pups of Rovaniemi, Finland 💕

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Hopefully this video of the arctic sled dogs has inspired you to travel to Finland to take a dog sled ride yourself. Be sure to subscribe and leave me a comment below or on my YouTube channel, and tell me what you thought of the puppies!

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Come along for one of the best things to do in Lapland Finland. Visiting Husky Puppies at a Husky Sled Dog Park.

Husky Puppies In Finland

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