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What is the best way to make a video with your phone? That slippery, delicate, and oh so important thing that couldn’t possibly accommodate making a video- although it has a really great camera..

If you happen to have an iphone, then your answer is the iOgrapherA brilliant piece of tech gear I was excited test out and review.

We’ve all been hearing it for a long time now. You CAN make videos with your phone, iPhone or iPad. Yes of course, we know, and we do! Short clips here and there.. Sometimes they get posted to Instagram..

But can you really make studio quality videos, or even field style travel videos- with your iPhone as the primary camera?

Steve Jobs would have said yes, and the answer is now YES. 

This is thanks to the iOGrapher – a sturdy setup that turns your iPhone or iPad into a dedicated camera with studio accessories attached. Brilliant. 

iOgrapher for iPhone

How To Make A Video With Your iPhone- iOgrapher Review

My iOgrapher Review Video

I definitely didn’t put the iOgrapher up to its full potential in this Travel Tech for Travel Videos review, but I had some basic fun testing out the wide-angle lens and general use of the frame as an un-mounted hand grip- especially with making travel videos in mind.

It also lets you see the iOgrapher when it’s not in full studio set-up mode.  

I actually had a lot of fun with it here in San Diego.. enjoy a ton of sun in this one ☀️

WATCH ▶︎ How To Make A Video With Your iPhone – iOGrapher Review

Additionally, I can see GREAT potential for the iOgrapher to be a cost saving solution for someone looking to start making professional videos.

Think about it. You are looking to invest in a simple set-up to start making videos- for your business, blog, or YouTube channel.

You figure you need to buy a camera, tripod, mic, lights and storage.

Yet what you forgot is that $800 piece of gear in your pocket that already works wonderfully for one of those needs. You CAN make a video with your phone! 

So cross ‘camera’ off your list of things to buy to make videos, and put your money into the tripod, mic and lights. Add the (WAY more affordable than a camera) iOgrapher device to hold it all together and you’re done. Your iPhone integrates beautifully into the setup and delivers high quality video for YouTube. 

Did I mention they make them for the iPad, iPad mini and even the GoPro now too? 


✦ Let me know what you think of the iOgrapher and if it looks like it could work for you. 

✦ What do you use to film your travel videos?

✦ Have you already figured out how to make a video with your phone?

✦ Do you want to know what I use to make mine?

Thanks guys! -Alicia

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In this review + video of the iOgrapher system- I put this awesome new device to the test to show you the best new way to make videos with an iPhone or iPad! This is the first in a new AMae.TV series - Travel Tech for Travel Videos. Let me know your burning questions about the art of making travel videos and the crazy gadgets involved!


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