When you first start travel vlogging, it’s HARD to get lots of video views.


Travel Videos are fun to create and share, and some get more views on YouTube than others.

Unfortunately, when you first start travel vlogging, it’s HARD to get your videos viewed. 

When you don’t yet have an audience who cares about you and your personal spin on travel experiences, your vlogs can get lost in a sea of other travel videos, and it’s frustrating.

Fortunately, I have a trick. 

Throughout my years of making travel videos, I have found one SOLID secret for a certain type of video that gets more views on YouTube than most regular travel vlogs.

In fact, AMaeTV has gained about 40% of its 5 MILLION views from this one type of video.

That’s 2 Million YouTube Views! 

And the thing is, there are only SEVEN of these videos on the channel.

How about that for the 80/20 rule in action! 

I want to share this trick with you, because I feel that every vlogger should be aware of it- regardless of their typical travel video style.

So in this video, I reveal EXACTLY how to create this special type of travel video in your OWN unique way. I also discuss exactly why you can expect it to get FAR MORE views on this type of video over the others you create. 

In this video we dive into keyword research, formatting of the video, and an extra TIP on how to use the offerings of my sponsor – STORYBLOCKS – to make it all easier than you could ever imagine. 

This trick is especially useful for NEW YouTube channels! 

Watch the video now to find out my secret trick, and leave me a comment to let me know what you think!


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I’d love to hear what you think of the video!

Leave me a comment here, or over on YouTube and let me know you came from the blog!

Ready to learn EXACTLY how to create the special type of TRAVEL VIDEO we discussed here today?