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First, CONGRATS on your decision to REALLY level up your travel vlogging channel! The video you’re about to create is highly likely to gain FAR more views than any you’ve created before it.

If you’re interested in putting in the work to create the BEST version of this type of video that you possibly can, then you’ve come to the right place.

Wait, Sign Up For What?

What I’m doing is gathering interest in an online course.

In the course, I will teach you my EXACT methods for creating an informative, list-style video like the ones in my ’TOP 10 THINGS TO DO‘ series on AMaeTV. 

My  ’TOP 10 THINGS TO DO “ videos have accounted for 40% of the total views on my YouTube channel.

That’s 2 MILLION of the 5 Million views gained on AMaeTV at the time of writing this.

And the thing is, there are only 7 of those videos on the channel!

If you haven’t seen it yet, HERE is the video that explains this trick. 

But don’t just look to my videos for proof that this format gains views. Check out any skillfully produced, list-style travel video on YouTube or elsewhere. Most of them have FAR more views than what you normally see!

It’s clear that creating a video like this will give you a GREAT shot at bringing more viewers to your channel, and really LEVEL UP your video production skills in the process. 

That’s why I’m offering a comprehensive course on the EXACT production steps I take to create my ‘TOP 10 THINGS TO DO’ VIDEOS.

inList style videos are tough to master, but through the comprehensive instruction you’ll receive in this course, I firmly believe you’ll be creating them in no time!

And I’m not talking about creating rambling, unstructured, un-helpful, poorly lit videos with boring shots and messy audio..

I’m talking about highly engaging, upbeat, informative, and FUN list style travel videos with STUNNING visuals. 

In this course you will learn at least FOUR different ways you can create a list style travel video, using old footage, new footage, iPhone footage, GoPro footage, stock footage, drone footage, and more!

You’ll learn filming techniques, speaking techniques, editing techniques (in ANY platform) along with strategies for YouTube optimization, marketing your video, and even how to get it shared. 

The best part is that learning the details of ‘weaving’ together this type of video is a GREAT exercise for your development as a video producer and editor.

In fact, if you really watch all of my Top 10 videos, especially the early ones, you’ll see they they are NOT all perfect 😄

They span various filmmaking situations all the way back to 2014 and I definitely learned a lot though the process of making each of them.

They all shine in different ways, and breaking them down to share what worked and what didn’t will help students find similar success in production, or avoid similar mistakes. 

The style and format that I’ve used to create these videos has defined and refined itself over the years and I can’t wait to share it with you!

And because there isn’t just one way to make this type of video, I’m going to teach you SEVERAL methods.

Learning the format options for this video will help you to understand how to craft many different styles of visual content. 

The skills you’ve learn via this course content will take you to the next level overall as a content creator!

Course Details


4 Sections

14 Modules

3 Months

3 Bonus Tricks

This is the overview of lessons included in the course. If you think there is something missing, or something in particular you would like to learn about making these videos, just shoot me an email at I’d love to hear your thoughts! 


1. Planning Your Title- Keyword Research to RANK for search terms.

2. Planning Your Activities- Balancing your time and production capabilities.

3. Planning Your Video-
Video formats, script writing, utilizing your production strengths.

4. Planning Your Video GEAR (a checklist)


1. Editing your A Roll. 

2. Editing and cutting in your B Roll clips. 

3. Adding Titles

4. Adding Music & Balancing Audio

BONUS TRICK- What to do if you don’t have enough footage. 



1. Filming Your Intro- Hook the viewer fast!

2. Filming Each Thing- What to cover and how to cover it. 

3. Filming B-Roll-
What to capture and how. 

4. Filming Your Outro-CTAs for channel growth.

Bonus Trick- What to do if you can’t do/ eat/ experience the ‘thing’.


1.Optimizing for TONS of YouTube views. 

2. Promoting your video for massive reach. 

BONUS TRICK- How to get your video SHARED by AMaeTV! 




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Students will receive one module per week, and at the end of each month, you will have an opportunity to jump on a LIVE chat with me- Alicia- so I can answer any questions you have about the content. This won’t be a situation with tons of questions lost in the mix- like YouTube live streams. This coaching will cater to a small group of class participants.

Each and every one of you will get the individual attention you deserve!

I will create a private FB group JUST for students of this course. We can have ongoing conversations about the content and even share the work that we create!


The pre-sale price of the course is $389. It will likely increase in price once it is out of the pre-sale stage. 


Nope! This is an experiment to gauge interest in this course. If it doesn’t meet the minimum threshold of registrations within 6 weeks then the course will be put on hold for the future.


About Your Instructor

Alicia Mae Hirté

Alicia has toggled between being ‘on-camera’ and ‘behind the camera’ for most of her career.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from Towson University, she worked as a production assistant capturing Baltimore Ravens sporting events in Maryland, political events in Washington DC, and other television network productions. 

Upon moving to San Diego, California, she worked as a Marketing Manager for a Cybersecurity company. Her favorite aspect of the position was co-producing and hosting their YouTube channel, SecureNinjaTV.

She then created AMaeTV and began travel vlogging her world adventures. Learning more about modern filmmaking for an online audience, she began to cover the ‘art’ of content creation via video production gear reviews, tutorials and trainings.

Alicia is now settled down in Florida as a new mom and Navy wife, with even MORE time to and share the tips, tricks and techniques she has learned about travel video production.