Wait, what exactly is a LUT?  

LUTS are like filters, or presets for video.

They are expertly designed, yet super simple to apply.

They work in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and other professional applications.⁣ 

They are easy to download, easy to apply, and easy to adjust to your tastes.

They SHRED the amount of time you might spend color grading, or learning to color grade, when you could be out filming your next big travel video.

LUTS are the FASTEST and EASIEST way to add an awesome color grade to your video footage!⁣ 


The ‘Ruby’ LUT is a versatile teal and ruby look that will enhance skin tone, bring out rich hues in the environment and add a cinematic look to your footage.

This free download includes video instructions on how to install and use this LUT. If you have any questions please shoot me a DM on Instagram, reply directly to this email, or jump into my Facebook Group for Travel Vloggers to ask our entire community all at once! 

Learn more about AMaeTV LUTS

I can’t wait to see your footage once this gorgeous LUT is applied!

Xx, Alicia




About Alicia

Alicia Mae Hirté

Alicia Mae Hirté is the creator of AMaeTV- a travel channel with 10 Million+ video views across multiple platforms.

After creating 100+ destination videos and travel vlogs, Alicia now helps travel content creators and vloggers develop and enhance their video production skills.

She shares techniques surrounding travel video production- from the latest video gear, to capturing creative shots, to speaking to the camera, and editing final pieces.