Hi. I’m Alicia. My middle name is Mae.

A.Mae, you see.

I’m a video content creator and online marketing consultant, living the thrilling life of a digital nomad through intermittent and opportunity based world travel adventures. 🌍

I am currently working to produce exciting travel videos for AMaeTV, as well as informative content surrounding the technology and video gear I use to create them.

With an energetic following of adventurous travelers and travel content creators, my aim is to inspire both travel AND the creation of beautiful travel content using the latest technology. 

In addition to producing travel videos for AMaeTV, I also work as a Social Media Manager and show host/ co-producer for for a Cybersecurity company called SecureNinja and a YouTube channel called SecureNinjaTV.

FANS can get in touch by talking to me on ▼
Twitter at @aliciamaewebb or @amaetv
Instagram at @amaetv
Or Facebook

BUSINESS inquiries can contact amaetv (at) gmail (dot) com


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Alicia Webb Snapcode

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