My adventures in Finland started and ended in the capital of Helsinki, as most trips to Finland would. Although I didn’t have much more than an afternoon to spend here, I was glad to get at least a taste of this vibrant city- checking out the central square areas surrounding the Finnish National Theatre and the central train station. After the afternoon visiting Helsinki, I was off to Oulu, a bit further north, to attend the Global Forum- a private conference bringing together some of the most important minds in Europe. Yep, I was there, and I will certainly add tastes of that experience into my Top 10 Things To Do In Finland video- coming up next on AMaeTV.

Helsinki Finland is a lovely city and autumn was the perfect time to venture to Finland to check it out. Come along in this video for a quick and casual adventure to the capital of Finland as I take a stroll around the central square, learn a bit from the locals, and discover some fun things to do in Helsinki.


Although my time in the Finnish capital was short, I would definitely say that Visiting Helsinki Finland is one of the best things to do in Finland overall. Fortunately, it’s hard to miss due to your high chances of flying in and out of Helsinki, as it makes a great jumping off point to visit other destinations in Finland, and other parts of Europe.

If you’re looking for more adventures from Finland- there are several other Finland videos to see here on AMaeTV.

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Have you been to Helsinki Finland, or is it on your list of places to go? Let me know in the comments here or on YouTube!

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